Wooden 5-In-1 Elephant Music Toy


Wooden 5-In-1 Elephant Music Toy

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Introduce your little one to rhythm and sound with this all-in-one musical toy center. This versatile wooden elephant includes five different ways to play. Clack the elephant s ears to start your beat, then use its tail to play the xylophone, bang the drum, tap the cymbal, and sweep along the three guiros to hear the unique noises each of them makes.

For ages 18 months+, this Wooden 5-in-1 Elephant Music Toy will help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, auditory learning, and sound differentiation. Plus, the free nature of the play pattern encourages self-expression, decision making, and independent play.

The toy is made from FSC-certified wood and printed with water-based inks. The packaging is made using 75% recycled material.

MUSICAL ALL-IN-ONE – With five different instruments that make lots of sounds, this toy offers so much variety and endless ways to play. The brightly colored xylophone and cymbal are immediately appealing, the drum is classic and familiar