William Desmond and Contemporary Theology


William Desmond and Contemporary Theology

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In William Desmond and Contemporary Theology, Christopher Simpson and Brendan Sammon coordinate, through a collection of scholarly essays, a timely exploration of William Desmond s work on theology and metaphysics, bringing the disciplines of philosophy and theology together in new and vital ways. The book examines the contribution that Desmond s metaphysics makes to contemporary theological discourse and to the renewal of metaphysics.

A central issue for the contributors is the renewal of metaphysics within the post-metaphysical, or anti-metaphysical, context of late modernity. This volume not only capably demonstrates the viability of the metaphysical tradition but also illuminates its effectiveness and value in dealing with the many issues in contemporary theological conversation. William Desmond and Contemporary Theology presents Desmond s contemporary, yet historically aware, continental metaphysics as able to provide revealing insights for the discussion of the