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Wacronyms is the quick-thinking party game that will make everyone ROFL! Have you ever seen an acronym and thought “WTF does that stand for?” Well, now it s your turn to decide!

Compete FTW by creating the wildest and wittiest acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. Players might reveal TMI as they fill in the blanks of familiar situations, wacky concepts, and heartfelt (or not!) emotions. Does it matter if the meanings make sense? IOO that s up to you! As far as we re concerned, if everyone s LOL-ing, it s NBD.

Grab your friends–this game is definitely NSFW–draw Topic and Letter cards and get creative! The tricky bit? You have to use all the letters to make your Wacronym, but the good news is you choose the order. For example:
Topic: A government agency or job that should exist.
Letters: BTC
Wacronyms: The Candy Bringer; Ban Corporate Taxes; Trash Bin Customizer; Creepy Boss Trust; Top Cake Bakers; Because They Can

When everyone has given their answers, th