Touch the Wounds: On Suffering, Trust, and Transformation


Touch the Wounds: On Suffering, Trust, and Transformation

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In this masterfully written book, Tom?s Hal?k calls upon Christians to touch the wounds of the world and to rediscover their own faith by loving and healing their neighbors.

One of the most important voices in contemporary Catholicism, Tom?s Hal?k argues that Christians can discover the clearest vision of God not by turning away from suffering but by confronting it. Hal?k calls upon us to follow the apostle Thomas s example: to see the pain, suffering, and poverty of our world and to touch those wounds with faith and action. It is those expressions of love and service, Hal?k reveals, that restore our hope and the courage to live, allowing true holiness to manifest itself. Only face-to-face with a wounded Christ can we lay down our armor and masks, revealing our own wounds and allowing healing to begin.

Weaving together deep theological and philosophical reflections with surprising, trenchant, and even humorous commentary on the times in which we live, Hal?k offers a ne