Timescape: Saving Shakespeare: An Escape Room Game


Timescape: Saving Shakespeare: An Escape Room Game

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Agents of Timekeepers Incorporated, we need you! There has been a disruption in the timeline and Mr. William Shakespeare is suffering the consequences. While we re sure schoolchildren around the world would prefer it this way, we simply cannot allow it. You must rescue the barred Bard before it s too late!

Step back in time and immerse yourselves in the world of Elizabethan England. You and your fellow agents must work together to restore the reputation of William Shakespeare who has been accused of–gasp!–larceny and plagiarism! Use your combined powers of logic, wit, and perseverance to solve the puzzles and prove his innocence. If you fail, history will be rewritten. But succeed, and the true timeline will be restored!

Perfect for friends, families, puzzle solvers, and Escape Room fanatics, it s suitable for ages 12+, one or more players, and has an average 60-minute gameplay. Plus, unlike most escape puzzle games, Timescape: Save Shakespeare is entirely reusable and re-giftab