The Writings of Charles de Koninck: Volume 2


The Writings of Charles de Koninck: Volume 2

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Volume 2 of The Writings of Charles De Koninck carries on the project begun by volume 1 of presenting the first English edition of the collected works of the Catholic Thomist philosopher Charles De Koninck (1906-1965). Ralph McInerny (1929-2010) was the project editor and prepared the excellent translations.

This volume begins with two works published in 1943: Ego Sapientia: The Wisdom That Is Mary, De Koninck s first study in Mariology, and The Primacy of the Common Good Against the Personalists (with The Principle of the New Order), which generated a strong critical reaction. Included in this volume are two reviews of The Primacy of the Common Good, by Yves R. Simon and I. Thomas Eschmann, O.P., and De Koninck s substantial response to Eschmann in his lengthy “In Defence of St. Thomas.” The volume concludes with a group of short essays: “The Dialectic of Limits as Critique of Reason,” “Notes on Marxism,” “This Is a Hard Saying,” “[Review of]