The Writings of Charles de Koninck: Volume 1


The Writings of Charles de Koninck: Volume 1

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The Writings of Charles De Koninck, volumes 1 and 2, present the first English editions of collected works of the Catholic Thomist philosopher Charles De Koninck (1906-1965). Ralph McInerny (1929-2010) was the project editor and prepared the excellent translations. Volume 1 contains writings ranging from De Koninck s 1934 dissertation at the University of Louvain on the philosophy of Sir Arthur Eddington, to two remarkable early essays on indeterminism and the unpublished book The Cosmos. The short essay “Are the Experimental Sciences Distinct from the Philosophy of Nature?” demonstrates for the first time De Koninck s distinctive view on the relation between philosophy of nature and the experimental sciences. Volume 1 also includes a comprehensive introductory essay by Leslie Armour outlining the structure and themes of De Koninck s philosophy, and a biographical essay by De Koninck s son, Thomas.