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The Tower of Melgoth: Adventure Quest – Book 1


Author: Matt Whelan
ISBN: 978-1838475109

In Adventure Quest, YOU decide how the story unfolds.Who will YOU fight and who will you rescue?Which weapon will YOU choose?Which path will YOU take?The choice is YOURS.You are Kylan Rett, a bold adventurer from the Kingdom of Vos. You have been captured by the evil wizard, Melgoth, and locked away in his dungeons. Melgoth plans to open the Shadow Portal and unleash forces of darkness on all the lands. It is up to you to save the realm, but first you must escape from the dungeons, find a way into his dark tower, and confront Melgoth himself.Are YOU ready for this quest?BOOK DESCRIPTIONChildren love adventures and they love to make the decisions. In Adventure Quest, children get to choose their own path through the story. On their way, they will encounter different characters and items and choose how they interact with them. There are multiple routes to victory in every Adventure Quest story and each book contains a bonus quest for the very brave.No dice, pens or paper required. Just the book and your imagination.Learn more at www.adventure-quest-books.comTESTIMONIALS ?My daughter finished it last night and wanted to read it again immediately, then she found the bonus quest and was so excited it wasn?t over. She loved it.? ? Faye Tucker?Joe and I really enjoyed picking our own route (although we did have to go back a few times!) Joe?s now asked if he can read it again with his Dad.? ? Caroline Cooper?I read this with my class at school. They loved being able to choose their own path through the story. It sparked lots of discussion and debate, all of which contributed to the enjoyment. We restarted the book many a time to choose the different paths and they are already asking about further books in the series.? ? Mrs Curbishley, Primary School Teacher

Aditional Information

ISBN: 978-1838475109
Publication Date: April 6, 2021
Pages: 174 pages
Author: Matt Whelan

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