St. Patrick s Day: Another Day in Dublin


St. Patrick s Day: Another Day in Dublin

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On Saint Patrick s Day, an Irish American writer visiting Dublin takes a day trip around the city and muses on death, sex, lost love, Irish immigrant history, and his younger days as a student in Europe. Like James Joyce s Ulysses, Thomas McGonigle s award-winning novel St. Patrick s Day takes place on a single day, combining a stream-of-consciousness narrative with masterful old-fashioned storytelling, which samples the literary histories of both Ireland and America and the worlds they influence. St. Patrick s Day relies on an interior monologue to portray the narrator s often dark perceptions and fantasies; his memories of his family in Patchogue, New York, and of the women in his life; and his encounters throughout the day, as well as many years ago, with revelers, poets, African students, and working-class Dubliners.

Thomas McGonigle s novel is a brilliant portrait of the uneasy alliance between the Irish and Irish Americans, the result of the centuries-ol