Simone Weil and the Specter of Self-Perpetuating Force


Simone Weil and the Specter of Self-Perpetuating Force

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Simone Weil s philosophical and social thought during her short life (1909-1943) was intimately engaged with the nature of power and force, both human and natural, and the problems inherent in the use of force. Weil argued vehemently for pacifism, then moved toward a guarded acceptance of the use of force under very specific circumstances, in the context of the rise of Nazism. Ultimately she came to a nuanced and unique perspective on force and on the preservation of human dignity, in the aftermath of several profound mystical experiences during the last years of her life. E. Jane Doering carefully examines and analyzes the material in Weil s notebooks and lesser-known essays to illuminate her evolving thought on violence, war, and injustice. In addition, Doering addresses Weil s engagement with the Bhagavad Gita during her final years, a text that reoriented and enlightened Weil s activist and intellectual search for moral value in a violent world.

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