Quest Chasers: The Screaming Mummy




Return to a world where every guess could mean life or death!”12-year-old finished it in two days” – by Kuhn Jr.”By far, this book is amazing! Lockhaven really did outdo himself this time” – by Samuel”Real good full on young adult book!” – by JennineTop 100 bestseller, The Screaming Mummy is a great book for the mature preteen.Some things never change?and for Eevie and Tommy that means a deadly psycho once again has them in their crosshairs. Return now into this creepy and dangerous world where riddles, traps, and puzzles exist just to test your will to survive. This time with pal Drew along, the three friends must dive headfirst into a magical competition for the fate of their very souls.Beware the evil Ranger: a nasty being with a bad habit for eliminating children?and this time he?s out for vengeance. Twist and turn your way through the competition and never let your guard down in this all-new adventure packed with pulse-racing action and tricky tests. Can Eevie, Tommy, and Drew outwit the Ranger? Or will they be hunted down by an evil most ancient?In this second installment of the beloved interactive puzzle adventure series, Quest Chasers: The Screaming Mummy delivers another incredible, out-of-this-realm mystery thrill ride that will delight the minds and imaginations of young readers everywhere!Join Eevie, Tommy, and their friend Drew as you take on another set of challenging riddles together to evade the clutches of evil!Has been shelved under:adventure books for 4th gradersadventure books for boys 10yrsfantasy books for 4th graderskids boy books ages 12-14adventure books for children 10-14books for 12 year old boyschildrens books 12 to 15books for 13 year old girlsteen fantasy adventure booksbooks for 13 year old boysbooks 13 year old boysbooks for teenagersQuest Chasers fans also love the following series:The School For Good And EvilWings of FirePeter and the StarcatchersHis Dark MaterialsThe ImmortalsKeeper of the Lost CitiesThe Infernal DevicesDiscworldAn Unofficial Minecraft BookHowl’s CastleThe Land of StoriesMagisterium


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