Piece of Cake


Piece of Cake

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Bakers, get ready for a Piece of Cake from Ridley s Games!

In this fast-paced card game, you are competing to be the first player to bake three perfect cakes to win. Speed will be of the essence and be prepared to take some whisks! Each baker starts by drawing four cake slice cards face-up to create their baking area. When everyone s ready, shout “3-2-1, PASS THE CAKE” to begin a frosting frenzy! At the same time, all bakers draw a card from their pile and decide whether to keep it to begin baking that cake or pass it on.

Collect four slices of the same type to complete a cake, then you move it to your cooling rack and get started on the next cake immediately. But watch out for your fellow bakers as they ll try to sabotage you with Freeze, Burn, or Swap cards to wreak havoc in your baking area! The icing on the cake? If a baker completes an entire cake using four Confetti Cake cards, they claim a sweet instant victory!

Perfect for friends, families, and lovers of bake offs, i