Opening the Qur an: Introducing Islam s Holy Book


Opening the Qur an: Introducing Islam s Holy Book

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Opening the Qur an can be a bewildering experience to non-Muslim, English-speaking readers. Those who expect historical narratives, stories, or essays on morals are perplexed once they pass the beautiful first Surah, often shocked and then bogged down by Surah 2, and even offended by Surah 3 s strictures against nonbelievers. Walter H. Wagner “opens” the Qur an by offering a comprehensive and extraordinarily readable, step-by-step introduction to the text, making it accessible to students, teachers, clergy, and general readers interested in Islam and Islam s holy Book.

Wagner first places the prophet Muhammad, the Qur an, and the early Muslim community in their historical, geographical, and theological contexts. This background is a basis for interpreting the Qur an and understanding its role in later Muslim developments as well as for relationships between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. He then looks in detail at specific passages, moving from cherished devotional texts to