Morals and Politics


Morals and Politics

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When Moral und Politik was first published in Germany it provoked heated debate both in and out of the classroom. It even prompted Vittorio H?sle s critics to publish a collection of essays that responded to his provocative arguments. Available for the first time in an English translation, Morals and Politics, a tour-de-force, is certain to once again cause considerable discussion.

In this ambitious work H?sle attempts no less than an outline of a political ethics for the twenty-first century. He raises the question of the relationship between morals and politics but proposes a relatively complex answer to it. This answer involves a search for a synthesis between the classical, ancient European conviction that political philosophy must be based on ethics and the more modern notion that ethical arguments themselves have a political function. H?sle s goal is to create a concrete political ethics for the situation in which humanity finds itself today.

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