Heideggers Atheism: The Refusal of a Theological Voice


Heideggers Atheism: The Refusal of a Theological Voice

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Heidegger s Atheism explains what Heidegger meant when he said that all philosophy is atheistic. This unique book traces the development of his explanation of philosophy as a methodological atheism, and relates it to his reading of Aristotle, Aquinas, and Nietzsche. A predominant issue throughout this study is Heidegger s pursuit of an answer to the question: How did God get into philosophy? Laurence Paul Hemming discusses a wide range of topics in this comprehensive volume, including the influence of Heidegger on theologians like Bultmann, Rahner, and Ott; the central themes of Being and Time; Heidegger s political decisions and involvement with National Socialism; and Jean-Luc Marion s reading of Heidegger. Hemming also provides an in-depth analysis of Heidegger s turn or Kehre. He addresses how Heidegger s understanding of das Ereignis, the event, relates both to his view of atheism and to the way he appropriated Nietzsche s proclamation of the death of God. Heidegger s Athe