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Girl on Fire


Author: Alicia Keys|Andrew Weiner
ISBN: 978-0063210752

From New York Times bestselling author and?15-time GRAMMY? Award-winning artist Alicia Keys comes a new authentic and poignant coming-of-age young adult graphic novel, about finding the strength within when your whole world changes in an instant. Lolo Wright always thought she was just a regular fourteen-year-old dealing with regular family drama: her brother, James, is struggling with his studies; her dad?s business constantly teeters on the edge of trouble; and her mother . . . she left long ago. But then Lolo?s world explodes when a cop pulls a gun on James in a dangerous case of mistaken identities. Staring down the barrel, with no one else to help, Lolo discovers powers she never knew she had. Using only her mind, she literally throws the cop out of the way.Problem is that secrets like Lolo?s don?t stay a secret for long. Skin, a dangerous dealer with designs on taking over the neighborhood, hears of Lolo?s telekinetic abilities and decides that he needs her in his crew. Skin might not have Lolo?s powers, but he?s got nothing to lose and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. And what he wants is Lolo.Lolo?s not willing to let Skin use her to hurt the people?and neighborhood?that she loves. But it?s going to take a whole different kind of bravery to stand-up for what?s right, especially after Lolo?s mom returns suddenly and turns Lolo?s whole world upside-down. For too long, it?s true, Lolo?s had her head in the clouds, but this time, it?s on her . . . and she?s not backing down.Girl on Fire is a young adult graphic novel about a girl who?s a flame. It?s the first-ever graphic novel from beloved GRAMMY? Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, co-written by Andrew Weiner and illustrated by Brittney Williams.

Aditional Information

ISBN: 978-0063210752
Publisher: HarperAlley
Publication Date: March 1, 2022
Pages: 224 pages
Author: Alicia Keys|Andrew Weiner

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