Dante s Vita Nova: A Collaborative Reading


Dante s Vita Nova: A Collaborative Reading

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This original volume proposes a novel way of reading Dante s Vita nova, exemplified in a rich diversity of scholarly approaches to the text.

This groundbreaking volume represents the fruit of a two-year-long series of international seminars aimed at developing a fresh way of reading Dante s Vita nova. By analyzing each of its forty-two chapters individually, focus is concentrated on the Vita nova in its textual and historical context rather than on its relationship to the Divine Comedy. This decoupling has freed the contributors to draw attention to various important literary features of the text, including its rich and complex polysemy, as well as its structural fluidity. The volume likewise offers insights into Dante s social environment, his relationships with other poets, and Dante s evolving vision of his poetry s scope. Using a variety of critical methodologies and hermeneutical approaches, this volume offers scholars an op