Dante and Violence: Domestic, Civic, Cosmic


Dante and Violence: Domestic, Civic, Cosmic

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This study explores how Dante represents violence in the Comedy and reveals the connection between contemporary private and public violence and civic and canon law violations.

Although a number of articles have addressed particular aspects of violence in discrete parts of Dante s oeuvre, a systematic treatment of violence in the Commedia is lacking. This ambitious overview of violence in Dante s literary works and his world examines cases of violence in the domestic, communal, and cosmic spheres while taking into account medieval legal approaches to rights and human freedom that resonate with the economy of justice developed in the Commedia. Exploring medieval concerns with violence both in the home and in just war theory, as well as the Christian theology of the Incarnation and Redemption, Brenda Deen Schildgen examines violence in connection to the natural rights theory expounded by canon lawyers beginning in the twelfth century. Partially due to the i