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Beyond The Utmost Bound: A young man’s adventure in search of freedom


Author: Joseph Clinton
ISBN: 978-1733711319

Beyond The Utmost Bound is an epic adventure about a teenage outcast that begins in a small Texas town of four roosters, a few stray dogs, not many more residents and concludes on a park bench in Paris.Our conflicted hero leaves everything he has ever known and heads out on a spiritual and life-affirming quest for knowledge, clarity, and a better way to live.An array of eccentric, fun, and quote-worthy characters lead him on a rip-roaring journey through the deserts of spiritual awakenings, over the rapids of romantic queries, up the mountain of philosophical reflection, past the fog of psychedelic mist, down the road of metaphysical happenings, through the air of mystical wonder, and into the badlands and frontiers of the mind.A journey that might not only determine his fate but ours.?If Hunter S. Thompson decided to meld together The Alchemist and On The Road into a modern-day classic, this would be it? Fun as Hell!?-BookNerd?A road trip comedy with a mystical twist. Clinton is an engrossing storyteller, delivering action and humor, the writing grand, and wise.?-IndieReader”Pulse-pounding adventures, true and tested friendships, and exotic locales are all part of a young man?s quest for enlightenment in this well-conceived coming of age narrative told with humility, humor, and just the right amount of irony, to make it entertaining, as well as insightful.”-San Francisco Book Review?A spiritual joyride, a metaphysical odyssey, a philosophical expedition, on land, sea, and into mind.?-EarlyBird Review?THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP ADVENTURE NOVEL.??MR. CLINTON HAS DEVELOPED AND MOLDED A CAST OF CHARACTERS RIGHT OUT OF A COHEN BROTHERS MOVIE.??THINK: HOMER?S ODYSSEY, THROW IN A BIT OF THE ALCHEMIST ALONG WITH SOME KEROUAC AND A TOUCH OF THE WIZARD OF OZ AND YOU GET THE IDEA.? ?ON A QUEST TO FIND HIMSELF, AN OUTCAST TEENAGER DISCOVERS A BETTER ROAD FOR HUMANITY TO WALK.” The debut novel from Joseph Clinton, Beyond The Utmost Bound, is the newest member to join the family of spiritual adventure and metaphysical fiction authors Paulo Coelho, Hermann Hesse, Richard Bach, Daniel Quinn, and James Redfield. Fans of Hippie, Siddhartha, Illusions, and The Celestine Prophecy, will enjoy this epic adventure that blends entertainment with both spiritual and philosophical thought.

Aditional Information

ISBN: 978-1733711319
Publication Date: November 1, 2019
Pages: 322 pages
Author: Joseph Clinton

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