Beyond the Ethical Demand


Beyond the Ethical Demand

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The Danish theologian-philosopher K. E. L gstrup is second in reputation in his homeland only to S ren Kierkegaard. He is best known outside Europe for his The Ethical Demand, first published in Danish in 1956 and published in an expanded English translation in 1997.

Beyond the Ethical Demand contains excerpts, translated into English for the first time, from the numerous books and essays L gstrup continued to write throughout his life. In the first essay, he engages the critical response to The Ethical Demand, clarifying, elaborating, or defending his original positions. In the next three essays, he extends his contention that human ethics “demands” that we are concerned for the other by introducing the crucial concept of “sovereign expressions of life.” Like Levinas, L gstrup saw in the phenomenon of “the other” the ground for his ethics. In his later works he developed this concept of “the sovereign expressions of life,” spontaneous phenomena such as trust,