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The poems in Auto/Body are an inexhaustible engine–sometimes a body, sometimes flesh–a sensual exploration of what it means to repair, to remake, to keep going even when rebuilding feels impossible.

From the greased-up engines of auto body shops to the innumerable points of light striking the dance floor of a queer nightclub, Auto/Body, winner of the Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry, connects the vulnerability of the narrating queer body to the language of auto mechanics to reveal their shared decadence.

Behind the wheel of this book is an insistent, humorous voice whose experiences have lent themselves to a deep, intimate knowledge of survival, driven by the pursuit of joy and exalted pleasure. Raised in and near auto body shops, Vickie V?rtiz remembers visiting them to elevate the family car to examine what s underneath, to see what s working and what s not. The poetry in this book is also a body shop, but instead we take our bodies, identities, desires