Alasdair MacIntyre: An Intellectual Biography


Alasdair MacIntyre: An Intellectual Biography

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This award-winning biography, now available for the first time in English, presents an illuminating introduction to Alasdair MacIntyre and locates his thinking in the intellectual milieu of twentieth-century philosophy.

Winner of the prestigious 2005 Philippe Habert Prize, the late ?mile Perreau-Saussine s Alasdair MacIntyre: Une biographie intellectuelle stands as a definitive introduction to the life and work of one of today s leading moral philosophers. With Nathan J. Pinkoski s translation, this long-awaited, critical examination of MacIntyre s thought is now available to English readers for the first time, including a foreword by renowned philosopher Pierre Manent.

Amid the confusions and contradictions of our present philosophical landscape, few have provided the clarity of thought and shrewdness of diagnosis like Alasdair MacIntyre. In this study, Perreau-Saussine guides his readers through MacIntyre s lifelong project by tracking his response