A Philosophy of Belonging: Persons, Politics, Cosmos


A Philosophy of Belonging: Persons, Politics, Cosmos

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James Greenaway offers a philosophical guide to understanding, affirming, and valuing the significance of belonging across personal, political, and historical dimensions of existence.

A sense of belonging is one of the most meaningful experiences of anyone s life. Inversely, the discovery that one does not belong can be one of the most upsetting experiences. In A Philosophy of Belonging, Greenaway treats the notion of belonging as an intrinsically philosophical one. After all, belonging raises intense questions of personal self-understanding, identity, mortality, and longing; it confronts interpersonal, sociopolitical, and historical problems; and it probes our relationship with both the knowable world and transcendent mystery. Experiences of alienation, exclusion, and despair become conspicuous only because we are already moved by a primordial desire to belong.

Greenaway presents a hermeneutical framework that brings the intelligibility of belonging