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If you’re an author you know the challenge of finding effective book marketing tools. Social media marketing with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and the Twittersphere has the lowest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing strategy. Plus learning the specific analytics you need to succeed can be head spinning.  You just want to sell books!  

That’s why BiblioGarden is the book-selling solution for all!  A simple and effective way to drive readers to your books.  After all, getting found is half the battle.  Check out our author marketing subscriptions and start increasing your sales and Amazon ranking NOW!

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Every author dreams of their books being on the bestseller shelf.  At we make that dream a reality.  Our specialized placement of independent and small press published books allows readers to discover your book where they look, right next to favorites! Readers don’t read just one book, they love books within specific genres.  But it’s easy to get lost in the crowd when your title falls at the bottom of the list. We place your book next to similar stories readers are already seeking so that you get found!

Our Guarantee

No one can guarantee your book will sell.  But we can guarantee your book will be seen.  And getting your book in front of buyers is over half the battle! Not only does increase your books visibility and help to drive your Amazon rankings up, but we thoroughly analyze every listing for maximum sales potential.  Our experts know the publishing industry and tech so you’ll get accurate evaluations of ways to improve your book as well as clear concise analytics of its activity on our site.

Experience Premium

We invest a great amount of time and money to increase SEO (search engine optimization) for our site and your book!  With the ability to increase sales two ways, direct sales at higher commissions, and with increased Amazon book sales to increase your books search rankings through Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and all search engines, is more than a bookstore, it is a powerhouse marketing tool for authors. After all, we’re in business to sell books!

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